Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ballet & Rocking Horses

Yesterday the little guy, the big guy and myself went to watch our neice Miss I's first ballet concert. We are so proud of her - she did a great job on stage and remembered all of her steps. She looked super cute in her leotard and tutu and so grown up.

Then we travelled across Sydney to see our beautiful friends E & A's gorgeous Miss G be christened. It was such a lovely ceremony and beautiful celebration with a rocking horse theme following:

This is the gift I made which was hidden in the pink polka wrapping:

I'd played around with these birth day certificates before for other gifts - simply framing in a standard frame and putting in a small scrap album with a few embelishments - but this was my first attempt at using a box frame so I could use some 3-d embelishments. I'm so happy with the result and very pleased that Miss G's parents love what I had created for her.

Quiet day today as I woke up to a shocking cold that I knew I was coming down with yesterday so its off to bed for me.

(Again I know my photos are not the best - new camera is still on my wish list!)

Friday, July 16, 2010


Life has been a little hectic of late - lots of work, a child who doesn't think sleep is necessary in the middle of the night and both myself and the little guy struck down with some of the nasty bugs going around.

I've also been working on some special projects - gifts for some upcoming celebrations.

Tomorrow I'll reveal what's in the pink polka dot wrapping. I hope Miss G's parents love it as much as I do!