Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We are currently back in the land of the non-sleeping child so chronic lack of sleep in our household in the moment - team this with working full-time and sadly my blog has been neglected yet again this past week.

But I have decided to try and do some small quick posts over the next week regarding storage, organisation etc including dvd storage and important household information.

First on the list: KEYS

For a long time it has been bugging me not having a designated place to put my keys when I come home. We do have some 3M hooks on the side of the fridge but I've been looking for something that would work for our study which is where I enter the house - internal access door from the garage.

So while I was in my favourite homewares store Bed Bath & Table on the weekend purchasing a lovely tea box for my Nan I found this beauty:

Which is now installed right next to the garage door for me to hook my keys up as soon as I enter the house.

And for only $14.95 I am tempted to go back and purchase another one and find a different use for it!

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  1. Love your key hook holder - I think I spied it myself in Bed Bath & Table recently. Hope your sleep situation improves soon, must be so tough when you have to work as well x