Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Little Guy's 2nd Birthday Party Part Three

Public Holiday - relaxing day at home, so while the Big Guy was at a friends house and the Little Guy was asleep I had time to prepare the last post for the Little Guy's party details.

As the Little Guy's birthday is in the middle of summer we expect the weather to be warm and sunny - but this year although it was warm it definitely was not sunny! It rained the few days before the party and we had some light showers on the party day - so our plans to have some shade and tables set up on our grass area has to be scraped and instead all the tables and chairs for the children and adults plus the food table had to be set up in our screened sunroom. We were a little pushed for space but it worked out in the end. I hired a child's height trestle table and chairs from a local party hire for a grand total of $15.00! Money well spent as it is the perfect height for all the little guests to enjoy their lunch.

As the Little Guy is only 2 and most of his little guests were under the age of 5 I decided that structured party games was probably not a wise choice so instead we set up a blow up pool on the grass and the kids had a great time splashing about in it:

And the kids helped the Little Guy decorate his Puggy House cardboard cubbyhouse:

At the end of the party each little guest received a thank you gift bag:

On the front of the bag is a football jersey with each child's name and a number for their age - for the babies who have not yet turned one I used a star. I created this online at ImageChef and printed them on label sheets so I could simply peel and stick onto the front of the bag. For an added touch I secured a football brad to the bag once folded over. I bought these from Eyelet Outlet who ship to Australia very cheaply.

Inside the bag each little guest received:

(The baby bags contained the bath toys and rusks). The Moon Pies - which are similar to Wagon Wheels but much sweeter - are from USA Foods, the wooden games are from My Wooden Toys, and *I think* the mini frisbees, blowers and glasses are from Big W.

Well that rounds out my posts for the Little Guy's 2nd Birthday Party. There are of course many more small details of the party which I have not specified so if you would like details of anything please let me know.


  1. What a great party you put together Natasha - I like the 'kid size trestle' idea and our gift bags are cute.

  2. Thanks Amanda! Hope you are having a great week.