Friday, January 7, 2011

Party Mode

A busy start to 2011 in this house - I've been in party mode for the Little Guy's 2nd birthday party which is this weekend and also the Big Guy and I have been making good use of the days the Little Guy is at daycare and have continued the massive declutter/donate/throwout/store in roof job in our house and I'm pleased to say we are now done! Nice way to start the year - everything in it's place especially since I start back at work fulltime this Monday.

I'm not one for making new year's resolutions but I did decide to do something for myself - something I think is going to be very important for me this year as a full time out of the house working mother and wife so have started a running program with a friend and hopefully in a couple of months I will be able to announce on here that I can run 5km non-stop!

Will be back next week with all the details of the Little Guy's Party.
P.S - My blog is looking very 'unpretty' at the moment - I am working on a re-vamp and will hopefully have it up soon.

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  1. Hope all goes well with the party planning as well as the big house clean up :)