Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Little Guy's 2nd Birthday Party - Part Two

The food and drinks post!

The food table:

I (and my helpers!) made some sandwiches and wraps to serve as well as other yummy treats including mini iced donuts, chocolate and vanilla meringues, antipasto goodies, potato chips, marshmallows and cookies & cream hard candies. You should be able to spy the printable cupcake topper circles decorating the glass jars.

I iced the cake in a messy but simple icing and my wonderful sister Mrs R made the awesome little footballs to decorate with. Each football was actually a cake pop - yummy cake and icing mixed together and coated in chocolate! Each little guest was served one with their slice of cake and they went down a treat. The cake stands are from Sharnell Dollar Designs.

I decided I wanted a backdrop to the food table that was a little different so I (or should I say the Big Guy!) painted a piece of backing board with chalkboard paint and I drew with the help of the Big Guy a football play (i.e plan for the players where to run to and throw the ball). Also we pegged up a couple of recent photos of the Little Guy and also an end zone 'painted' with the Little Guy's name which I created here.

On the children's table (which will feature later) we served fruit, lamingtons and pretzels plus for lunch I made these little lunchboxes up for each little guest:

Inside was half a chicken sandwich, half a vegemite sandwich cut into the shape of a football, some puffy rice crackers and cheese. And I also used the cupcake topper circles again on drink cups for the children:

If you would like to know any further details about the food table or decorations let me know.

Next post will be all about the little guests - their table, party activities and thank you gift bags.

Lastly here is another gorgeous picture of the birthday boy testing out one of his presents:


  1. How adorable is the birthday boy in that costume!! The food table looks great as does the cake with the yummy icing! I love your children's lunchboxes - will have to remember that idea.

  2. How did you make the frosting?? recipe please?? and the lables for the water cups, how did you make those??

  3. Hi Max, I cheated with the frosting and used the pre packaged Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy white/vanilla frosting as it was the perfect consistency for our hot summer weather as it is spreadable, thick and doesn't slide off the cake:

    to make it blue I just added a few drops of blue food colouring. I used an ordinary non serrated knife (like what you would use to spread butter) to spread the frosting. Frosting in small sections it was easy to get the 'messy' look. If any part looked a bit too smooth I used the tip of a tooth pick to mess up.

    Labels for the drinks are the cupcake toppers I bought in a printable party pack from The Two Saavy Sisters: and I just printed on adhesive sheets from office supply store on my home printer. Then used a 2 inch punch to cut them into circles.

    hope that helps!